v2.4 (24/04/2012)

* Data roaming custom rules
* Tiered data cost 
* Unlimited anytime minutes available in configuration
* New plan selection screen
* German translation
* Italian translation

v2.0 (04/02/2012)

Promo price until 29th February

* Works for all countries!
* Possibility to add custom rules (permit to configure domestic, international and roaming calls)
* Additional minute pools
* Complete Backup/Restore (+ daily auto backup) on SD
* Alternate notification style (ICS Blue)
* Holo theme for android >= 3.0
* 5x1 Widget
* Bug fixes
* Optimizations

US and UK launch (08-25-2011)

As of today TYP is available on the Android Market and YAAM.
There will be a special discount until September 30th !
US users can get the app for 0.99$ (2.99€ regular price).
UK users can get the app for £0.69 (£1.99 regular price). 


Available on Google Play

The application is available on the Google Play (formerly Android Market) for aprrox. 2.30$ / £1.99 , with unlimited free upgrades. Click here from your phone to access it directly on the Market or here to access it on the web Market.

Search for "Track your plan" on the market or use the barcode above :

The application is also available on YAAM, the alternate Market, which allows you to use Paypal instead of Checkout.


This application is the best real plan tracker for Android phones (not just a phone usage tracker). It means it helps you track your plan as your carrier tracks it.
It provides you notifications and widget gauges to always know how much you've consumed and avoid crazy bills (we all pay much enough on mobile plans). TYP doesn't connect to your carrier, and instead uses the call log and phone statistics to estimate your plan consumption.
It is necessary to configure it precisely in order to get accurate estimates.

The application gives estimates that have no legal value and does not substitute to your carrier official tracking which is the only one that can give you the real state of your consumption.  

Data tracking starts at installation since Android smartphones do not keep history on that particular item. Manually adjust or wait a new billing cycle to get accurate data tracking. 



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Configure your plan

The application does not connect to your carrier and it is therefore necessary to configure precisely your plan caracteristics to get accurate estimates.

Got to the "Configuration" menu
Press "Configure my plan"

Select your country if it is not already set.
Then press "My carrier" to select your mobile carrier. This is a crucial step for a correct estimate of your consumption. A list of plans is proposed to you. Select your plan if present, or "Other" if it is not there (You must then manually set the terms of your plan). You can also pick the plan that is closest to yours, and only modify the differences.

In any case, be sure to check that the automatic configuration corresponds to the conditions of your plan and adjust if necessary.

Press "Billing cycle start": a popup for selecting the billing cycle start day appears allowing you to specify the correct value. The billing cycle start is the day your plan is reinitialized.

If you have Night/Day&Weekend minutes, check the corresponding box and check those that apply :
- Unlimited Night/Day&weekend : all communication in the evening or on weekends will not be deducted from your plan
- Unlimited Night/Day evening any communication will not be deducted from your plan
- Twice minutes on Night&Weekend : you have a Night&Weekend minutes credit equivalent to your anytime minutes. Once this credit is consumed, calls are deducted from your anytime minutes. Be sure to set correctly the start and end hours of N&WE minutes. The minutes being night or day depend on start/end hours.
- If your N&WE minutes credit is different from your anytime minutes, fill in the correct number in the "Night/Day and Weekend Minutes" section.

If you have unlimited numbers (A-List / Magic numbers), check the "Unlimited Numbers (A-List)" box and fill in the various entries in the fields provided for this purpose. Long press input fields to pick numbers from your contacts list.
Check "Unlimited SMS to my A-List"/"Unlimited MMS to my A-List" boxes if it applies (text messages to/from your A-List won't be deducted from your plan).

The SMS section allows to input your SMS(text) credit, and three options (optional):
- Unlimited SMS: SMS messages are recorded for information, but no alert will be raised, and the gauge will always be empty
- Unlimited SMS on Night/Day and Weekend: Only SMS sent out of weekend and night hours are deducted from your plan (the number of SMS sent during the night hours and weekends are displayed for information)
- Unlimited SMS on Night/Day: Only SMS sent out of night hours are deducted from your plan (the number of SMS sent during the night hours are displayed for information)

The MMS section of is similar to the SMS section, but has a check box to treat all MMS as SMS, since most US carriers do not distinguish them.

The Data section allows you to input your data credit of your mobile data plan. You can either check the "Unlimited Data" box if your operator does not limit you (or if you have a fair use policy) and / or complete the cost per step and step volume, as specified in your contract, in megabytes (MB) or kilobytes (kB). (1 GB = 1024 MB)

The Misc section : 
- Automatic rollover calculation : check the box if you have rollover in your plan, and if you want TYP to calculate it automatically each time a new cycle starts.
Mobile to mobile unlimited : Check this box if your carrier offers you unlimited calls from/to other mobile phones of its network.
Mobile to any mobile unlimited : Check this box if your carrier offers you unlimited calls from/to any mobile phone in the US.
Billed every 30 days : check this box if you're not billed the same day each month, but every 30 day instead (DO NOT CHECK THE BOX IF YOU'RE BILLED THE SAME DAY EACH MONTH).
Undividable first minute : check this box if you're charged for at least one minute for each call even if it didn't last more than a minute.
- Landlines unlimited : check this box if you have unlimited calls to landlines (not available in the US/Canada).
Voice per minute (overage) : enter how much you're charged for calls in case of overage.


All-inclusive plans (capped or not)

If you have an "all inclusive" plan : these are the plans in which any consumption (Voice, text, data) is deducted fom the same shared credit in your currency (ie using voice minutes lowers your text credit, and vice versa).
- Check the "All inclusive plan" box
- Find the correct cost per minute of voice communications. If you are not explicitly provided, divide your monthly credit in your currency, by the number of minutes of your plan. Enter the corresponding value with up to three decimal digits.
- Enter the cost per text as stated in your contract. If you have unlimited SMS, do not forget to check the box in the SMS section.

Once these parameters entered, you can return to the main screen to see the status of your plan.
The notification icon is updated accordingly, and tells you the percentage of consumption of your anytime minutes.



Configure your notifications

To configure your notifications, go to the corresponding menu (Menu> Configuration) and press "Configure my notifications".

Then set the parameters as needed.
Unchecking the "Display gauge in the notification bar" box will prevent the display of the gauge, regardless of your consumption. Note that this does not prevent the display of notifications in case of too fast consumption of the plan.
If you do not uncheck the box, you can adjust the percentage that will trigger the notification, with the corresponding slider.
Whether or not you have checked the display of the gauge, you can set a second display threshold when consuming your anytime minutes too fast (when your usage percentage exceeds the percentage of your billing cycle progress).



The notification gauge allows you to constantly and easily keep an eye on the minutes you have left (shows Anytime minutes or Night&WE minutes depending on the hour of the day).
From 100% to 10%, the notification looks like this :

When you've consumed 100% of your plan, the gauge goes red :

In case of overage, a smiley adds up : 

At any time, an exclamation mark can appear on the top left corner of the gauge :

It means that the percentage of your consumption is superior to the percentage of your billing cycle progress. In other words, it means you're going to exceed your plan before the end of the cycle.

Manually adjust the consumption

It is possible to manually adjust the anytime minutes, texts and data consumptions. This is useful when, for any reason, the application gives erroneous estimates: call log purge, purge of the SMS log, ROM change, phone change, data counter at installation, etc ...
To adjust an item, long press the corresponding progress bar, then enter the desired value in the input dialog. Press OK to validate adjustment. 
To remove any adjustments on a gauge, long press the gauge, and press the button "Del.". The gauge will then go back to the application computed value. 
Before adjusting, keep in mind that your carrier plan tracking may not be in real time, and you need to take into account the consumption made since the carrier update.






Per app data consumption


TYP collects consumption per application statistics for 3G and WiFi.This feature is available to all terminals Android 2.2 and above, and works on HTC devices 1.5 and higher. It may also work for other manufacturers with a version prior to 2.2 but it is not guaranteed.
To access the application list, make a short press of the data progress bar.Are displayed only applications that used WiFi or 3G since installation or since the beginning of the billing cycle.
To exclude an application of the global data counter : in the applications list, make a short press on the one you want, then press "Exclude the application of the global 3G counter".Its use of data (GPRS, EDGE, 3G or 3G+, 4G) will no longer be counted in the global data gauge.  


To allow optimal tracking of the different parts of your plan, the application offers you widgets to place on your launcher screens. 


Variables for Minimalistic Text

If the various widgets and skins aren't enough for your customisation needs, you can grab TYP stats in Minimalistic Text widgets (Free app available on the Play Store).
First, enable TYP statistic sharing by pressing Menu>Configuration>Themes and options and check the "Send values to Minimalistic Text" box.
Add a Minimalistic Text widget on one of your screens, and in "Predefined layout" pick "Custom...", then press "Custom layout".
In the opened dialog, build your widget. To insert a value from Track Your Plan, press the "+" button, choose "Misc" and add a "Locale variable". Once in place, press the component to configure it, and in "Variable name" input one of the following values :

  • TYP_PCENT_VOICE : Percentage of anytime minutes consumption
  • TYP_PCENT_NWE : Percentage of Night and Weekend minutes consumption
  • TYP_PCENT_DATA : Percentage of 3G/4G data consumption
  • TYP_PCENT_SMS : Percentage of SMS consumption
  • TYP_PCENT_MMS : Percentage of MMS consumption
  • TYP_CONS_VOICE : Anytime minutes consumption in hours/minutes/seconds
  • TYP_CONS_VOICE_MN : Anytime minutes consumption in minutes
  • TYP_CONS_NWE : Night and weekend minutes consumption in hours/minutes/seconds
  • TYP_CONS_NWE_MN : Night and weekend minutes consumption in minutes
  • TYP_CONS_SMS : SMS consumption
  • TYP_CONS_MMS : MMS consumption
  • TYP_CONS_DATA : Data volume consumption (in MB or GB, without unit)
  • TYP_CONS_DATA_UNIT : Data volume consumption unit (MB ou GB)
  • TYP_OVERAGE : Overage
  • TYP_CREDIT : Credit left (all inclusive plans)
  • TYP_VOICE_LEFT : Anytime minutes left in hours/minutes/seconds
  • TYP_VOICE_LEFT_MN : Anytime minutes left in minutes
  • TYP_NWE_LEFT : Night and weekend minutes left in hours/minutes/seconds
  • TYP_NWE_LEFT_MN : Night and weekend minutes left in minutes
  • TYP_SMS_LEFT : SMS left
  • TYP_MMS_LEFT : MMS left
  • TYP_DATA_LEFT : Data volume left (in MB or GB, without unit)
  • TYP_DATA_LEFT_UNIT : Data volume left unit (MB or GB)

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